It's eyes down at 6:30pm for up to 100 people who attend a Rotary Club of Werribee Bingo event every Monday evening.

When each game commences, there is much silence and concentration as each player focuses on marking their card as the numbers are called. And, if they are the first person to shout "BINGO!" when their card is fully marked, there is much excitement in the room. Many games are played which gives all players lots of opportunities to collect a winning prize.

Players are very comfortable with the fact that our club profits from each evening and that all income raised is distributed to worthy community projects and organisations.

One of  President Colin Muir’s first duties in the new Rotary year was to attend the Bingo. Colin was happy that all is going well despite the threat of Covid19. Colin said “It’s great to see the local residents coming out on a cold Monday evening to play Bingo. With two prizes of $1000 each going off during the evening I am not surprised how popular the Rotary Bingo is”.
Caller Ian and his team run a very professional and slick operation and always make the night not only fun for patrons but also a great success for some.