Our Rotary club heard about a new high-tech device that Werribee Mercy hospital was keen to acquire to help children overcome their fears during procedures that may initiate some pain - for example, administering an injection. The device, which has been used with great success at other hospitals such as the Royal Children's in Melbourne, is called a Smiley Scope. It is a pair of virtual reality goggles that the child wears during the procedure and enables them to get absorbed in a visual story to take their mind off the medical process.

The club's Board had no hesitation in offering to pay for the purchase of one device. Pictured above is President Ian Hovey presenting the new "toy" to hospital staff. Also included in the photo are President Elect Kim Deneys and Past President Graham Roper.

The hospital's paediatric administrator, Simone Danaher, was excited to be able to introduce such innovative technology to the paediatric ward. She expressed her sincere gratitude to our club for the donation.

The following picture shows a young patient testing out the Smiley Scope. She loved it.