The Bahay Ni San Jose Orphanage is in Papaya, Luzon, Philippines and run by 4 Dominican Sisters of St Joseph. There are 52 children (18 girls, 34 boys) up to the age of 12 years who are abandoned, unwanted, from troubled homes or with mild physical, mental or hearing disabilities.
The Sisters have had a new school built at the orphanage, entirely with donations of money, materials, labour and pro bono professional support. This 2 story, 8 classroom school building was opened in May 2022.
Werribee Rotary Club, in partnership with Cabanatuan City Rotary Club in The Philippines, undertook the Orphanage School Classroom Equipment Project which involved the purchase and installation of essential classroom furniture and equipment at a cost of A$15,000. Werribee RC donated $10,000 towards the cost and Rotary District 9800 supplied a grant of $5,000. The Cabanatuan City RC provided financial oversight together with technical support in installing the 10 computers, 2 printers and software.
In the new school, these children will now have enhanced learning opportunities from kindergarten to Grade 6. The Sisters have employed additional teachers for the new classrooms and fully-equipped computer room.
Their new learning situation is far superior to what they had before. The aim of the orphanage sisters and the teachers is to provide these children with enhanced education opportunities and learning experiences to increase future opportunities in their lives.