Here's a happy snap of some of our hard working Rotarians and partners preparing for a big day of cooking and serving bacon and egg rolls at the Wyndham Council's Australia Day breakfast event.

The fantastic group of 12 combined together like a well-oiled machine to deliver very tasty rolls.

We were also joined by Rotarians from other clubs in the cluster including Wyndham, Laverton Point Cook and Wyndham Harbour. It highlights the fact that our clubs can work together in harmony to achieve great results.

The morning started sluggishly and we thought it was going to be a flop. But gradually the crowd descended upon us and we were kept on our toes until the event closed at midday. In the end, we made a modest profit which will be shared between each club. But the combination of teamwork and camaraderie between everyone involved far outweighed any small amount of money that was made. This event could become a permanent fixture for the cluster in the future.