Our club celebrated its 49th birthday in fine style on Tuesday 22nd August. As a key part of the dinner, we were thoroughly entertained by Sybil, Basil and Manuel from Faulty Towers. Acting as staff members in the restaurant, the threesome proceeded to fumble and fool their way through the evening which resulted in hilarious consequences.
Some of the highlights of the evening included:
  • Manuel's constant misinterpretation of Basil's orders e.g. serve the nuts, roll on the plate, seat the guests.
  • Jason Daddy being escorted out the building as part of a mock fire drill.
  • Micki Hovey and Christine Conley finding false teeth in their soup after it was discovered that the chef had lost his dentures.
  • Manuel combing Elaine Arrigo's hair with a fork.
  • Basil incurring the wrath (and the fist) of Sybil after she discovered that he had been gambling and had a pair of knickers on his head.
  • Manuel carrying too many soup plates into the kitchen and dropping the lot.
  • Manuel taking Basil's orders literally by standing on a table after he was instructed to "wait on the table".
  • Basil and Manuel crawling under one of the tables to find Manuel's pet hamster.
There were many other humorous incidents which had the whole audience in stitches.
The evening was capped off with a cutting of the cake by our two remaining charter members, Ian Knight and Tino Ballan.
Click here to see some more photos of the evening.