In June 1974, following a public meeting organised by the Rotary Club of Werribee, a committee was formed to investigate the need for elderly accommodation in Werribee. After obtaining a grant from the federal government, and acquiring land from the Shire of Werribee, detailed planning for the construction of Manor Court commenced.
The committee appointed local architect and Rotarian, the late John Flynn, to design the original building consisting of 18 units. Manor Court officially opened on 23 September 1979.
In 1994, a further 30 units were added including extra dining rooms and lounges.
By 2010, demand for aged care accommodation in the community had reached straining point. It was determined that Manor Court needed to expand in order to meet some of this demand and that particular consideration should be given to high-care facilities. This resulted in the development of a new 45-bed extension at a cost of $6 million.
To this day, Manor Court Werribee Aged Care remains a viable and trusted not-for-profit residential aged care facility. Any surplus funds are reinvested in the business to ensure that it continues to be a safe and comfortable home for all residents.
The Rotary Club of Werribee is proud of its initial and on-going involvement with Manor Court.