Brian Ahmed provided us with an update of the work happening at the Tamarind community farm in Uganda.

The previous report showed that a pump house had been built and bore water was flowing. In the last two months, significant progress has been made including:
  • Building foundations for a water tank stand.
  • Manufacture of a frame to support the water tanks.
  • Erection of the frame.
  • Installation of the tanks.
  • Pumping the bore water up into the tanks for storage.
Brian has been impressed by the work that Chris Ochaya has been doing to drive the project. He puts it down to Chris's enthusiasm to learn everything while he was in Australia as a Royce and Jean Abbey Scholarship winner and then his dedication to apply that knowledge on his return to Uganda. Chris is also managing the finances well to ensure that our club's donation to the project is used wisely. This includes performing work on site using local volunteers rather than having products manufactured off site by third parties.
The next stage is to build a chicken shed. Keep it going Chris.
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