Lorry Rowe has advised that the Rotary Club of Flemington is setting up a new opportunity shop in Railway Ave, Werribee. The club already has an op shop in Kensington. The Werribee store will be open 7 days a week and Flemington is offering local clubs a chance to run the shop and to share in the profits. Werribee will operate the shop each Saturday and Sunday.
If anyone is able to help Lorry this week between 11am and 4pm to set the shop up and to donate some items, your assistance would be gratefully accepted. In addition, on this coming Sunday 17th July between 10am and 4pm, there will be an open day at which Lorry would also appreciate some more help. The official opening will be in August. If you can help in any way, please give Lorry a call on 0403 323512.